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Upper lip lift

Gonfler la lèvre supérieure sans injection par lifting de la lèvre supérieure pour remonter la lèvre
Add shape and volume to the upper lip without injections with an upper lip lift

Some patients have a very thin and undefined upper lip, giving a rather sad and severe appearance to the face (a pinched mouth, teeth permanently hidden). A voluptuous and well accentuated upper lip gives an aspect to the face that is altogether happier and more radiant, carnal, sensual and seductive. The smile is also more expressive.

Aesthetic lip procedures are often frowned upon because everyone can think of some extreme cases of very obvious cosmetic surgery. The excessively silicone-injected, caricaturesque, swollen lips or “trout pout” should never be seen. The surgery should always remain natural.

There are four techniques available to provide more shapeliness to the upper lip:

  • Hyaluronic acid injections to increase the volume and definition of the upper lip, making the red of the lip more visible. These injections take place in the office without hospitalization. The injected product is fully absorbable after 9 to 12 months. Injections of non-absorbable products (collagen, silicone, etc.) are strictly not recommended.
  • Lipofilling. Fat is removed and reinjected into the lip after being purified. The main difference with hyaluronic acid is that the injected fat is not absorbable and therefore the result is final. A hospitalization of a few hours is necessary.
  • A silicone implant. The best known is Permalip. An incision is hidden inside the lip and a silicone implant is inserted. The implant can be removed without difficulty if necessary (unlike the old techniques of silicone or collagen injection). A short hospital stay of a few hours is necessary to carry out the procedure.
  • The upper lip lift.

The aim of this surgery is to shorten the white lip that is too long and to raise and re-curl the red lip that is too thin, thus making the mouth look and feel more sensual. The philtrum is redesigned, as well as the cupid’s bow.

The operation is performed under local anesthesia with or without light sedation. A hospitalization of a few hours is necessary and the procedure lasts less than an hour. It may be a little embarrassing to eat in the first few days following the operation. The pain is very moderate. There may be a slight swelling of the lip for a week.

Lifting de la lèvre supérieure
Upper lip lift

Two consultations are necessary with the surgeon and one with the anesthesiologist in the case of sedation associated with local anesthesia. It is essential to stop smoking before the operation (increases the risk of poor healing). It is also advisable to take time off work for a few days after the procedure until the wires are removed and the scabs have fallen off.

The principle is to remove a crescent of skin flush to the two nasal wings, inside the nasal vestibule and at the base of the columella. The scar is therefore hidden close to the nose, in an area of ​​natural shade and folds and will therefore be invisible after a few weeks (the scar is said to be in the shape of a bull’s horn, hence an additional term sometimes used: Bullhorn lip lift). It is possible to remove 5 to 9 mm of skin or more if the technique is well mastered. The drawing must be very meticulous and the whole secret lies in properly anchoring the deep tissue to the maxilla or septal cartilage. Fine threads are put in place and will be removed on the 7th day after the operation. It will then be possible to hide the scar with foundation while it fades.

illustration cicatrice et résultat lifting de la lèvre supérieure
Before and after an upper lip lift

The price of an upper lip lift operation varies because it is often associated with another facial treatment at the same time. The price of the operation alone is from 3000 euros. See all the different prices for cosmetic surgery procedures in Paris.

Profiloplastie par lifting lèvre supérieure lip lift et plastie modelante du menton
Upper lip lift with chin augmentation