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Breast augmentation with dual plane prostheses

The dual plane breast augmentation technique combines both the retromuscular position (the top of the prosthesis is hidden behind the muscle) and the premuscular position (the bottom of the breast prosthesis is hidden behind the mammary gland). This bi-plane method therefore consists in locating the prosthesis in two anatomical planes. This solution is the one that Dr. Masson recommends as a priority for any breast augmentation.

Augmentation mammaire Dual plan naturelle
Breast augmentation with dual plane moderate profile prostheses of 300 cc, C Cup

Why use dual plane breast augmentation?

The result obtained with dual plane prostheses is more natural than the placement of breast prostheses by other surgical techniques. The dual plane technique has several advantages:

  • The prosthesis is camouflaged behind the muscle in the cleavage area so it looks natural, the contours of the prosthesis are less palpable.
  • No downward displacement of the implant over time as in the premuscular route because the prosthesis is held up by the muscle.
  • The consequences are less painful than with retromuscular.
  • There are fewer deformities of the breast implant during the contraction of the pectoral muscle.
Augmentation mammaire avant après prothèses mammaires Dr Masson aspect en poire du décolleté grâce au dual plan volume 320 cc
Breast augmentation before and after breast prostheses by Dr. Masson. Pear-shaped cleavage thanks to dual plane procedure, 320 cc volume.

Who is dual plane breast augmentation for?

The technique of dual plane breast enlargement by prostheses is particularly indicated for women with ptosis (drooping of the breasts), provided that it is not too important. In general, the breast augmentation procedure is done on an outpatient basis. It is therefore possible to return home at the end of the day. Sometimes a night in hospital should be considered if the patient’s home is more than an hour’s drive from the clinic.

How is the operation performed?

The procedure takes place in the operating room, and lasts on average for an hour. The breast augmentation is performed under general anesthesia. At the end of the operation, a so-called “compressive” dressing is put in place. Afterwards, this will be replaced by a bra and a breast protector (a compression band). This has the utility of holding the prosthesis in place in the compartment which will have been created by the surgeon during the operation. This must continue to be worn night and day for four weeks, then two weeks at night only. A rest period of three to five days will be necessary.

Avant après augmentation mammaire par prothèses dr masson vincent dual plan cicatrice sous mammaire bonnet c 270 300 ml
Before and after a breast augmentation by prostheses by Dr. Vincent Masson. Dual plane, scar under breast, C cup, 270 300 ml.

What are the precautions to take after the operation?

Following a breast augmentation procedure, caution is advised regarding physical activity. Above all, large arm movements must be avoided. The carrying of heavy loads (from 10 to 15 kg) is to be avoided for two weeks. Driving is possible after a week of rest following the operation. The recent implantation of dual plane prostheses also means giving up sport for a period of around a month.

Even if the risks associated with breast augmentation of this type are minimal and rare, complications can sometimes occur. They can be :

  • Hematoma in the first few hours after surgery (often requiring repeat surgery)
  • An infection (which can, in the most important cases, lead to the removal of the breast implants)
  • Scarring disorders (promoted by tobacco and diabetes)
  • Sensitivity disorders (often transient)
  • Development of a periprosthetic capsule (reaction by the body to the prosthesis with the breast becoming hard and painful and, in important cases, a deformation of the implant resulting in frozen shoulder/adhesive capsulitis)
  • Some rare cases of ALCL (anaplastic large cell lymphoma) which have been described since 2008 and studied since 2011 (associated with macrotextured surfaces? Genetic factors? Local microbiology?). Annual monitoring is essential in the case of all implants
  • Creases or deformities in connection to the implants (very thin patient, flexible prostheses).
  • The displacement or rotation of the implant (anatomical prostheses) or rupture of the implant.
  • Information for women before the fitting of breast implants (Ministry of Solidarity and Health)
Implants mammaires cicatrice sous mammaire dual plan profil modéré de 250 cc passage d'un bonnet A à un petit bonnet C
Breast implants with under breast scar, dual plane, moderate profile of 250 cc, transition from A to C cup.

Breast pain is generally well tolerated by taking pain relief tablets. Bruising and swelling may occur as with most breast augmentation surgical procedures.

Read the article by Doctor Masson to learn more about the dual plane technique.

scanner 4D protheses mammaires

Dr. Masson’s office is the very first in Paris to be equipped with 4D Eve 4.0 scanner technology.

When you come for a consultation regarding a dual plane breast augmentation procedure you will be able to use augmented reality to discover how your new breasts will look.


Dr Vincent Masson is a plastic surgeon with a post-graduate diploma in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery and a gold medal in surgery from the Paris Hospitals. He is a former senior registrar and attaché at the Hôpital Saint Louis.

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