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Breast augmentation with implants

Doctor Vincent Masson explains everything you need to know about breast implants and prostheses.

Prosthetic breast augmentation surgery in Paris

Breast implant prices and fees

Prices are variable. For a breast augmentation It is necessary to add the price of the consultations with the surgeon and the anesthesiologist, the support bra, the dressings and medications (not reimbursable because it is cosmetic surgery), the stay in the clinic (operating room and room package), the price of the breast implants, the fees of the anesthesiologist and those of the surgeon. See the prices for cosmetic surgery in Paris here.

Augmentation mammaire profil modéré de 250 cc dual plan petit bonnet C et cicatrice mini invasive sous mammaire

Moderate profile breast augmentation of 250 cc dual plane small cup C and minimally invasive under-breast scar.

Depending on all these variables, the price ranges from 5,500 to 6,500 Euros for a conventional breast augmentation with a renowned surgeon in Paris. See the photo gallery for before after images of breast augmentation procedures.

scanner 4D protheses mammaires

Dr. Masson’s office is the very first in Paris to be equipped with 4D Eve 4.0 scanner technology.

When you come for a breast augmentation consultation you will be able to use augmented reality to discover how your new breasts will look.

Historique des prothèses mammaires
PIP breast implant scandal
The different types of implants
Round or anatomical or asymmetrical or custom implants?
What are the different sizes, profiles, projections or volumes of round and anatomical breast implants?
What are the advantages, disadvantages and indications of round or anatomical breast implants?
Smooth or textured breast implant?
What texture of breast implant? Soft or firm?
Breast implants with silicone gel or saline solution?
Hydrogel breast implants
Polyurethane breast implants
Where are the scars placed?
Trying the different size of breast implants, 3D simulation is available.
Is breast augmentation without a scar possible?
What is the best position for the implant? In front or behind the muscle or dual Plane?
Which brand of prosthesis should you choose?
In cases of associated ptosis (sagging or empty breast) what should you do?
Is breast augmentation without implants possible?
Is breast augmentation with hyaluronic acid (Macrolane) possible?
What is composite breast augmentation?
What should be done before the operation?
Are examinations compulsory before the placement of breast implants?
What type of anesthesia exist for breast augmentation surgery?
What is the duration of the operation and hospital stay?
Is it painful?
Is coverage via health insurance possible?
What is the post-operative recovery like for breast augmentation procedures?
When is the result visible?
The compression bra
What are the potential complications?
Breast implants, pregnancy and lactation?
Breast implants and breast cancer?
What is the lifespan of breast implants? Do they have to be changed?


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