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Thank you

I had a dual plane breast augmentation. During the first visit Dr. Masson took the time to advise me and carefully explain the process. He is a super surgeon and performs remarkable work. The result is stunning, there was no hematoma and practically no pain. Thank you again, and also to your wife who knew how to answer any questions that I had. Thanks again for everything. I recommend this surgeon 1000%.

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Great work

I thank Dr. Vincent Masson from the bottom of my heart. He knew how to understand and correct what I had always had a complex about. I am forever grateful and clearly, for me, he is the best cosmetic surgeon in Paris. Thanks again.

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Perfect. I was operated last May for removal of breast prostheses + a ptosis treatment … and the result is great! Professionalism, competence, availability and kindness both from Doctor Masson and his assistant.

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Thank you

I am not fully recovered yet because I was only operated on February 5, but I can say that Doctor Masson is an excellent surgeon. I relied on the opinions I read about him and my own first impressions during my appointment, and I do not regret it. He is gifted, kind, human and sincere. The Blomet clinic where he works is excellent and the whole operating room team (including, among others, Betina who came to see me before the operation) was very kind and professional. My husband was alerted by SMS as soon as I woke up. I would also like to mention his assistant who is very kind and patient!

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Thank you

Excellent, natural, discreet work and an extremely thorough and reassuring follow-up. Doctor Masson and his assistant are a real duo that provide the best support! Thanks again for everything.

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The best cosmetic surgeon

A very good surgeon, I recommend him.

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Top rate

I was operated mid-October for breast augmentation by Dr. Masson. At the first appointment he took very clear and detailed information (very professionally examining my expectations, my morphology, and my medical history. He provided very precise and clear explanations on the treatment stages and costs, from the first appointment to the follow-ups). He is a caring professional who really respects his patients !!! Top rate communication whilst answering all of my questions, even outside the appointment times !! For the operation, the clinic was very impressive with great staff !! I would also like to mention his very responsive assistant who was always available for making an appointment or to respond to any queries I had !! They are a really great duo !!!! I really recommend Doctor Masson !! Thank you again for having met my expectations so well !!

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An excellent experience

I had an excellent experience with Doctor Masson who operated me for a lip lift. To start with, I sent some photos with requests for advice before a possible consultation (not living in Paris) and he is the only one who actually took the time to answer me. So I had a consultation in July during which he explained to me in detail the course of the operation, the type of anesthesia and pre-op treatment, and what was possible for me to achieve (I wanted to remove a maximum of skin in one go between my nose and my mouth but it could affect the shape of my nose on the sides). I was reassured when I understood that the operation was actually quite easy for him. Then on the day of the operation, he re-explained everything to me and we decided together on the desired rendering (tracing out the operation). Today I am very satisfied with the result, I had absolutely no pain, my scar is almost invisible and the operation really improved the shape of my mouth and the general appearance of my face. But what I appreciated most was the follow-up and Dr. Masson’s availability (asking me how I was doing and quick responses to my post-op questions). The feeling you get when you are in front of a surgeon and the results themselves are very personal but in my case everything was a success. I will soon return to repeat the operation to further reduce the length between my mouth and my nose. This is because I could not have the desired final rendering at once (it is also very common in other countries to have a “resumption” of a lip lift). Dr. Masson explained to me that I would have to wait six months before the second operation in order for the first to heal properly. Thank you for listening Dr. Masson and for your advice that allows people to experience surgery as well as possible.

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I recommend

I was operated on by Doctor Masson in October due to a Ptosis with implants. The day of my consultation, I decided that I wanted him to perform the surgery. He immediately understood what I wanted and what I needed !! He is a surgeon who is very attentive and reassuring. His secretary is also very nice and available. In fact, both of them are very pleasant and helpful. Do not hesitate to trust them !! A big thank you to both of you!

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Breast augmentation

I was operated for a breast augmentation in September 2019. I met Dr. Masson at the end of July and I did not hesitate for a second: I knew he was the surgeon I wanted. On the one hand the photos I had seen on his site had completely convinced me and on the other he completely reassured me when I met him thanks to his advice and what he offered me. I did not have a clear idea of what I wanted: he knew how to take matters in hand and guide me in relation to my body type, he is a real pro. I chose the Eiffel clinic and I do not regret my choice. I had a hematoma one hour after leaving the operating room (it’s a complication risk of the operation!), Dr. Masson went up to my room to check that everything was fine and when he noticed the hematoma, he sent me back to the operating room. After just 15 minutes, the anesthesiologist, surgeon, and the rest of the team were ready to reopen and remove the hematoma (not the breast!). No stress, everything was explained in a calm way, I only had to let myself be led. One hour later I was back in my room, Dr. Masson came back and explained everything to me. What had happened, the aftermath of the operation, etc. I had to leave the clinic at 6 p.m. initially, but the clinic told me to take my time, served me a dinner, and I didn’t leave until around 9:30 p.m. when I felt ready. During the weekend following the operation, I got in touch with the surgeon and his wife assistant, I sent them photos and they were there to answer all my questions. After only three days I was no longer taking painkillers. I went abroad four days after the operation and when I had a doubt about a massage to perform, the surgeon organized a Skype meeting at my request. He reassured me once again. I had another post-op appointment two days later and again, everything was fine. My bust is flexible, beautiful, very natural and in harmony with the rest of my body. I am absolutely sure that Dr. Masson has reached perfection in terms of technicality, professionalism AND follow-up. I thought I had chosen the best for his talents but now I know that he offers far more than that. His assistant wife is also a plus because she is gentle, reactive, and provides solutions very quickly. I recommend Dr. Masson, choose him without thinking about it! In my opinion he is the best in Paris for this type of operation.

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Basal cell carcinoma

I was very recently operated on by Dr. Masson for a recurrent basal cell carcinoma in the face, a particularly sensitive area from an aesthetic point of view. The operation was perfectly successful and resulted in complete excision. I highly recommend Dr. Masson, for his listening skills, the answers he brings to the questions asked and his surgical expertise.

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Delighted! I was operated in 2015 with a mini lift that made me look and feel 10 years younger with a very natural result, so I decided to return for another treatment: breast surgery by Dr. Masson on Wednesday September 18, 2019 with a fitting of prostheses. Six days after the operation the result was spectacular: very pretty breasts for my 56 years of age with a really natural effect! The scars are small and flawless. Thank you Doctor Masson for your listening skills and patience! Thank you also to your assistant who was always smiling and calming.

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Professional and reassuring

I had surgery last July and the result is amazing! Doctor Masson is both professional and reassuring. He knew how to answer all my concerns and did a job beyond my expectations. I sincerely thank him and his also his pleasant secretary who always made herself available to help.

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Adorable secretary

Actually, I am sorry to say I was disappointed. Following the rave reviews, I made an appointment for a possible fitting of prostheses as well as a tummy tuck. I found him to be very short on time (less than 15 minutes) when these two operations are not insignificant. He found that I had a diastasis of almost 10 cm, where other surgeons had measured it to about 4cm. It was not possible for me to discuss the size of any prostheses, which he himself imposed afterwards. During the consultation, I did not feel very involved. He told me about the articles he would write for his blog and about some papers that he had to fill out for some organization (which had nothing to do with my consultation or surgery). He asked me which other surgeons I had seen and was surprised by their lower rates, but justified himself by laughing and saying that he was the best. I really do not doubt his capabilities, though, that’s not what I am saying (although the extent of the diastasis really did not reassure me). But the operations are not trivial, and it is more important to me that the surgeon listens to the patient. Something that I absolutely did not feel happened during the consultation. Otherwise, his secretary (who is also his wife) is adorable, however, and very available.

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I recommend Doctor Masson

I am very satisfied with the results of my breast augmentation. Doctor Masson was very attentive and reassuring throughout. From the first appointment, he knew how to put me at ease. If I had the slightest question, I was able to go to his assistant who was always attentive and kind. The clinic was worthy of the name, and the staff were professional and reassuring despite my stress. I recommend Doctor Masson. Thanks again.

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Professionalism and kindness

With incredible professionalism and kindness, Doctor Masson knew how to meet my needs. Always listening, understanding, reassuring, available … All my apprehensions disappeared from my first meeting. I am very satisfied with my breast operation for a cure for ptosis and invaginated nipples, with great post-operative follow-up. Accepting your body is important, but loving your body is better. Thank you for this remarkable work.

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Lip lift

I had surgery three months ago for a lip lift. The result is superb and I am more than satisfied with the scar hidden inside the nostrils and therefore almost invisible. Dr. Masson spends a lot of time listening to advice and explanations, even for small treatments (injections, etc.), which is very rare! His assistant – particularly pleasant – offers impeccable service, creating a climate of trust. My visit to the Blomet clinic went very well, the teams were reassuring and kind. I had previously consulted a number of surgeons for injections but changed immediately because the experience never fully satisfied me. Dr. Masson knew how to meet my expectations. I will continue to call on him if necessary and highly recommend him.

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Very good surgeon

Doctor Masson operated on me a year ago for dual plane breast augmentation with a slight ptosis. From the first meeting I was sure of my choice and that he was the right professional for the job. Indeed, he proved it to me because from the start he made himself available for my questions since I had to do several exams before the operation due to a mass in the breast being discovered, which finally turned out to be just an Adenofibroma. So we were able to schedule the operation as planned, however I had an anaphylactic shock, and therefore I couldn’t be operated but I can confirm that the medical team is serious and professional because the anesthesiologist saved my life. Following this, Doctor Masson and his assistant really took care of me, even during their vacation. I had to do emergency allergy tests in a hospital where it is difficult to have appointments quickly but thanks to Doctor Masson’s assistant I was taken care of in time for my second visit to the operating theater. This operation finally took place and went very well. Unfortunately I had problems right after, in fact, a shell was forming on the prostheses. So he advised me to self-massage. Not seeing improvement, after research, I asked to visit a physiotherapist, Doctor Masson made it official and so I was massaged for one year. And now I finally have beautiful flexible breasts. In conclusion, I do not regret my choice: Doctor Masson is a very good surgeon.

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Very satisfied

Three months ago I had some moles removed by Doctor Masson, I am very satisfied with the results. The doctor is very professional and kind, and good at listening. Thank you very much to Doctor Masson, and also to his assistant who is adorable and very professional. I recommend Doctor Masson 100 percent.

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Breast augmentation

I underwent a dual plane breast augmentation five weeks ago and I am more than happy with the results. The results look very natural and Doctor Masson knew how to listen and understand what I wanted, resulting in a very pleasing appearance. Dr. Masson took his time during our first meeting to explain everything really well. He really inspires confidence right away and that was my most important selection criteria. The Blomet clinic where he operates is perfect. I agree with the other comments about Imène, his assistant, she is perfect. Always responsive and reassuring when experiencing moments of doubt. I do not regret my choice at all, on the contrary, I highly recommend Dr. Masson.

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mechtas gracias por haber cambiado mi vida

Le estoy eternamente agradecida al Doctor Masson por lo que ha hecho por mi. Es un profesional con hermosos valores, principios y una gran calidad humana. Estoy super contenta de haberlo escogido como mi cirujano ya que hizo un trabajo realmente bello. El obtuvo un resultado natural con cicatrices limpias. Lo que hizo es simplemente perfecto :) Cabe destacar que el Doctor Masson explica bien las cosas y te hace sentir cómoda así tengas una lista de 100 preguntas jeje No puedo hablar del Doctor sin mencionar a su extraordinaria asistente quien siempre me trató con mucho cariño. Ella también es una persona muy especial y amable. Siempre estuvo ahí para guiarme :) Doctor Masson, muchas gracias por haber cambiado mi vida con su bellisimo trabajo estético. Nunca lo olvidaré! Deseo que Dios siga bendiciendo sus manos siempre. Afectuosamente, Valérie CELIMENE. Venezuela.

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I recommend Dr. Masson

I am delighted with the results, I could not have hoped for better. I am glad to have been operated on by Dr. Masson, he is warm, attentive and very reassuring. If I had to do it again, I would choose him with my eyes closed. I recommend him to everyone, his work is wonderful. His secretary also provided top rate follow-up. Everything was perfect. Many thanks to Dr. Masson and his secretary, one of my dreams has come true thanks to you. Five stars also for the Eiffel Clinic which was exceptional on all levels.

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Good at listening

I studied the opinions of various surgeons for a long time before embarking on breast augmentation, and my choice finally turned to Doctor Masson. He knew how to listen during my first consultation and offered me the size of implants I wanted without me even having to give the desired cup size. The implant size goes harmoniously with my figure and looks completely natural. His experience and skills make him the best surgeon in the capital in my eyes. I absolutely do not regret having followed the different opinions, and it was with absolute confidence that I was operated on by Doctor Masson on 04/12/2019. I am delighted with the result and I would like to thank the Doctor and his assistant Imène who made herself available to answer my questions. A thousand thanks, Doctor Masson, you changed my life, I finally feel good about myself, and it’s thanks to you! I recommend you with my eyes closed.

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A big thank-you

Absolutely delighted with my rhinoplasty + genioplasty! Dr. Masson and his assistant provided perfect accompaniment from start to finish. A result beyond my expectations and a psychological support completely up to this great change. Lots of listening, patience and kindness throughout the experience. I recommend Doctor Masson without hesitation! A big thank you to him and his team!

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A real Professional who does not forget that he is a doctor above all and does not push you into anything. In addition, he is extremely nice, I recommend him without hesitation.

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Face lift

I had a cervical-facial lift in January and I am completely delighted with the results. Dr. Masson is really a doctor who listens to what you want. The follow-up is exceptional. His assistant is also very kind and responsive when you leave any messages with questions. Thank you very much Dr. Masson because you made me smile !!!!

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I will see him again

Doctor Masson is a very attentive, available, caring and honest surgeon. Beyond the operation itself, which is not a trivial matter, you need real advice and support to achieve a positive experience. If you are looking for a surgeon or if you are afraid of taking the decision to operate, I highly recommend Doctor Masson. I would like to thank him for his professionalism, regular follow-ups and very available and attentive secretary. I am very happy with the result and having trusted him. I thank him and will see him again!

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I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Masson as well as his team and organization. Thank you !

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The best cosmetic surgeon in Paris

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A fantastic surgeon, always smiling and attentive. I am very satisfied with the results. A word also for the availability, kindness and professionalism of his assistant.

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A great cosmetic surgeon

A great man and a great plastic surgeon. He is very good at listening and was able to repair my stomach and remove the scars from the visceral surgery that I had to have done in an emergency. Thank you.

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Impeccable follow-up

After losing a lot of weight I decided to do a breast lift with implants. I really thank Doctor Masson and his assistant who were more than wonderful with me. He is very good at listening, being understanding, and giving personalized advice. Doctor Masson knows what he’s talking about, you can trust him. Thanks to him I am even happier now. The follow-up was impeccable as was the post-op care. His secretary was always very available to answer any questions. I would like to thank both of them. I highly recommend Doctor Masson. Lea Carriou.

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Thank you

Dr Masson and his assistant are very professional. I wholeheartedly recommend him for any plastic surgery work: his team at the Clinic are absolutely wonderful and I received excellent care. The scars are very faint already (it has been two months since surgery) and Dr Masson is always reachable in case of questions or concerns: even outside of normal business hours! You can trust him eyes closed, he is a magician! Thank you Dr for helping me improve my lifestyle!

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An incredible result

I give Dr. Masson and his assistant the highest score possible. On November 02, 2018 I had a buttock lipofilling treatment carried out by Dr. Masson. Despite the bruising still being present, which is normal, I would like to applaud the work done by this surgeon. I have known him for a year now and he took care of me for my hyaluronic acid lip injections. I then decided to take the plunge and ask him for buttock lipofilling and I am more than delighted with the results. Whether it is non-existent scars, the great post-operative follow-up or results, all I can say is go ahead with confidence and without hesitation. He and his assistant will take care of you correctly ! I can never thank Dr. Masson enough for the work done on my figure which is just incredible now thanks to him. I would also like to thank his assistant for always answering my questions and for being so present. Even though it is still recent, myself and all those around me can see the quality work of Dr. Masson, quality that you will not find anywhere else. Thank you very much to Dr. Masson and his secretary for their welcome, their kindness, their availability and above all, their professionalism. I will see them again soon. Lauryne

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Magic fingers

Dr. Masson operated me three weeks ago for a breast enlargement, I am delighted to have followed my intuition and to have chosen him. The result is perfect. He is a very attentive doctor who takes a lot of time during consultations. He was always available to answer my questions, just like his adorable assistant. The two form a very good team! If you are looking for a doctor with magic fingers with whom you will be comfortable from the first meeting do not hesitate … go and see Dr. Masson.

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Super surgeon

Dr. Masson is a super surgeon. Professional and attentive to the needs of his patients.

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A real work of art!

Dr. Masson is a real artist and extremely attentive to his patients. Thank you for what you have done for me. And congratulations to your assistant.

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Great surgeon

Doctor Masson is a very great surgeon. I am delighted with the results. From the first appointment to the post-operative follow-up, Doctor Masson and his assistant were very professional. Again, thank you very much Doctor Masson.

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Five stars

Operated on March 08, 2017 for a breast augmentation, the result is beyond my expectations! I do not regret my choice and thank Dr. Masson very much because the results of this operation makes it possible for me to finally rid myself of the complex I had for years. An exceptional and attentive surgeon, I recommend him without reservation! A special mention also for his secretary who deserves these five stars as well. She’s an adorable and very responsive person.

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Best team ever

It’s been a week since my operation and I am really happy I chose Dr Masson. I would also like to thank his assistant (his right hand) who has been more than helpful in this process ( respond to your questions at any time, help you go through stress, always smiling and more ) They are really the best team ever! You can feel their are passionate. Thanks again! He changed my view on surgeons!

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A perfect result

Following a first operation not properly done by another surgeon four years ago, I was not reassured at the idea of being re-operated so I met a total of seven surgeons before finding Dr. Masson by chance. He was very good at listening to me and I found him reassuring with good advice. His assistant and secretary was also always very attentive by SMS or telephone. The post-operative follow-up was very good.
The result is perfect, thank you for your professionalism and all your attention.
See you again soon.

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A magician

Dr. Masson is a magician working in Paris. At the top of his game, he is young, extremely pleasant and very attentive. His work has the quality of an artist and I recommend him to everyone. If I need an operation again I would choose him without thinking. Another big thank you to you and above all, do not change anything.

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The best

Hello, I come to share my experiences as well because I came to this site before my operation and it helped me a lot with my choices so I will see if I can help in my turn…. I started from a 90B (empty with slight ptosis after pregnancy and breastfeeding). I wanted a big D cup and the surgeon offered me 460 or 520CC round prostheses extra high profile (Nagor brand), thanks to the advice received on the forums however I insisted on having more and he ended up giving me 560CC (width 13cm projection 6.4cm), which I do not regret at all because it really isn’t so big. It is important to talk about the size of the prostheses but I also wanted to warn against the excruciating pain for the first few days! It was four very difficult days for me and despite all the medications, I did suffer, especially at night. To be honest, I expected more of a discomfort feeling, a heaviness that would prevent me from moving, not the actual pain that I experienced. Luckily, though, it decreased after a week… It is now seven days after the operation and for the moment I am very satisfied with the size (hoping that it does not deflate my zbra 90D too much) but not yet with the shape. I will wait for a few weeks for the prostheses to settle down and soften. Incidentally, try not to get a cough and sneezing hurts! If you have any doubts about the size of your prostheses take the biggest ones! My surgeon, Dr. Vincent Masson (Paris 17th arrondissement) and his assistant are really great, very accessible and very friendly. They have always answered my calls or emails very responsively. He’s a cool young doctor you’ll be really comfortable with (unlike others!). I hope that my testimony will be useful. Good luck to everyone !

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Accessible and available

From the first appointment I felt confident with Doctor Masson. He is good at listening to you and advising you. He is very accessible and available to answer any questions. The results of the operation are beyond my expectations, my breasts look very natural. The doctor was able to achieve what I expected. He was always kind and smiling. I highly recommend him!

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Saint Louis

In 2013, Doctor Masson operated on me in the reconstructive surgery department of the Saint Louis Hospital. Despite an overloaded schedule, he was able to personalize the doctor / patient relationship and succeed with a difficult technical procedure (lower eyelid graft).
When I wanted to rejuvenate my tired looking face, I went to see Doctor Masson at his Paris office.
Confident and serene, I got the fresh looking face I was hoping for, without stress or pain.
Thank you dear doctor Masson for your professionalism, and for your kindness which also characterizes the team around you as well.

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Doctor Masson was exemplary: after an initial appointment, the day of the operation was planned. That day, I saw Doctor Masson three times before the operation, and once again afterwards. He was attentive, available, friendly and very efficient. I am absolutely delighted with the result of the operation.

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Very lucky to have found him

I highly recommend this surgeon! Not only is he attentive with his patients, but he has a rather “cool” approach and knows how to reassure the patient, not to mention his professionalism.
I was very lucky to have found him, my breasts are beautiful!
Thank you Doctor !

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I regained my femininity

I highly recommend Doctor Vincent Masson who is a super surgeon. He is very good at listening and inspiring confidence. Thanks to him I found my femininity again. I was operated on July 31, the result is perfect and I am delighted.
I would go to him again without hesitation.

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The best breast augmentation surgeon

A human and very competent surgeon who knows how to keep it simple. I was operated by him in early January for breasts prostheses, I regained my femininity and the body I had before my two pregnancies. I am delighted not only with the result, but also his explanations, kindness and availability. I recommend him without hesitation.

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Professional, responsive and serious

I was operated on October 14 by Doctor Masson and I am happy that I chose him. After looking for a long time for a good surgeon to correct the horrors that another surgeon had done to me. I met him, I took my time to make up my mind and I have absolutely no regrets, he is more than very good … He is professional, kind, responsive and serious …. believe me, I previously had to deal with unprofessional surgeons. As far as I’m concerned, he has all the qualities that I was looking for.

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Kindness and competence

I highly recommend Doctor Masson, he is a practitioner not only of truly rare skills but also kindness !!! I would not hesitate to go back to him if necessary, thank you again doctor 🙏🏼

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Good at listening

I was operated on by Dr. Masson for breast augmentation. I started with a small cup B and wanted a big cup D (or small E). I am delighted with the result! Doing a lot of sport, I was very well guided on the choice of the prostheses (shape, volume, projection) and the implantation mode (dual plane). Dr. Masson was always on hand to answer all of my questions before the operation. The operation went very well indeed, the staff of the clinic were very kind. Do not hesitate to contact him to discuss your project and ask him any questions you consider important. I highly recommend him !

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An excellent cosmetic surgeon

Doctor Masson has done an extraordinary job! I’ve had a low profile breast augmentation (I’m not entirely certain of the correct term). The doctor understood the result I wanted very well and gave me excellent recommendations. The under breast scars are very successful. My bust looks very natural! Every day in fact the result is more stunning and natural. It has been two months today and I am very happy with my new physique! The doctor is very professional, friendly and attentive, as is his assistant who is very available and good at reassuring you post-op if necessary. Thanks again for this new life! OM

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Very patient and human

I was operated on by Dr. Masson on June 1 and I am really pleased with the result. The Doctor took the time to chat with me and was able to reassure me. He also knew how to find the right solution so that I would finally feel good about my body. He is very patient, human and empathetic. I went to get operated with total confidence! I do not regret my choice, the result is above my expectations !! I sincerely recommend him to you.

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A memorable meeting

I must have been really inspired the day I went to Doctor Masson’s website, all the positive comments encouraged me to make an appointment with him. It was a memorable meeting! Doctor Masson is a wonderful person of striking simplicity, overwhelming kindness and amazing alertness of mind! He’s a genius surgeon. I could also say the same things about Imène, his assistant … because she was all at the same time. I send her kisses and all my affection. I’m immensely satisfied with all the different treatments I had, they have made me look more beautiful. I recommend him to everyone, without exception.

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I waited too long

I leave this message to recommend Dr. Masson whom I chose to meet thanks to all these comments. I am completely satisfied with the result of my operation, he is a very professional, reassuring and available doctor. His secretary is adorable, you will not be disappointed! My only regret is to have waited so long before getting started 😉

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Very reassuring

Doctor Vincent Masson is really professional and did a fantastic operation on me, the result is perfect. He is very reassuring and attentive. In addition, his office is very beautiful! I highly recommend him.

Camille Google my Business

The best cosmetic surgeon

I definitely recommend him! Thank you for everything Dr. Masson

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A renowned plastic surgeon

I am very happy and satisfied with my operation by Doctor Masson. It was even better than I expected! The result is natural, balanced, really great. He is professional, pleasant, human and reassuring, he is one of the rare cosmetic surgeons who tells the truth and advises you according to your needs and morphology. I consulted other “renowned and prestigious” doctors before him, and I did not have the same feeling of confidence and professionalism that I experienced with Doctor Masson. A special mention also for the Blomet clinic where I was operated, the care and the professionalism of the staff there is amazing. No complaints at all. Doctor Masson’s secretary is also brilliant and reassuring. I’m from Lille, and I would not hesitate to repeat the trip to Paris if I need another operation in the future. I highly recommend him without hesitation to everyone.

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Talent and kindness

He is more than a surgeon, he’s a magician !! Four weeks after my operation, the result is stunning, just magnificent .. and all of it painless. And added to that, a great welcome, listening skills and kindness at each appointment and even just before the operation. Thank you again doctor, and also to your assistant for her welcome (thank you for the chocolates and coffee). Go to him without hesitation! You will only find talent and kindness!

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Dr. Masson is the best

Doctor Masson is a great surgeon and makes you feel really comfortable. I had surgery on February 21 and I don’t regret it. Thank you so much. I recommend him! 😉

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Excellent surgeon

The best result I could have had after an old breast reconstruction done by another surgeon. I recommend Dr. Masson for his professionalism and kindness. Excellent follow-up 👍

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Beautifying is an art

Dr. Vincent Masson is an excellent cosmetic surgery, and has the humility common to all great men. I first heard of him via excellent word of mouth, but was also seduced by his philosophy, his listening skills and kindness. Having undergone multiple breast plasties and then five years ago a failed operation for the removal of my PIP prostheses with Dr. RR, I could no longer bear to see my breasts and had developed a real complex about them. Given the complexity of my case, I could not afford to make a mistake in the choice of my surgeon. Dr. Masson took up the challenge of giving me back my femininity and my smile. Operated in December 2017, the result was up to both my expectations and his talent. I am delighted by the choice of the Nagor prostheses, and their flexibility. Imène, Dr. Masson’s pretty, smiling assistant with all her human qualities, benevolence, generosity and optimism knew how to answer all my questions and deal with any worries I had. Never at any time did I feel alone. The Blomet clinic team is also a perfect match for Dr. Masson; professional and available, from the operating room to the bedroom, and even until you get home, they never forget you. Dr. Vincent Masson is to beauty surgery what Mozart is to music, because beautifying is an art. Thank you.

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A true professional

Really great. I recommend him extremely highly. You are always very well received in Doctor Masson’s office, he is a true professional and always attentive to his patients. I am fully satisfied with my operation and I, who was very anxious before, will return without hesitation.

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A concentrate of kindness

Doctor Masson is a concentrated mixture of kindness, humanity, availability, professionalism, listening skills, talent and gentleness. I recommend him without hesitation. He will never let you down, always understands you and operates like nobody else. He is the best. I have met all the other big names and yet nobody else comes close to him (humility, attentiveness, kindness, ability to take risks !!) . No one else wanted to take care of me after a previous failure, he did, and did it brilliantly. He is a fundamentally good man and an exceptional surgeon. Doctor Masson, your new office looks wonderful ! Thank you also to your secretary, a real assistant and the best I have ever had contact with. See you soon I hope!

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honest and kind

I have not yet set an appointment date for an operation but I have rarely seen such a professional doctor who is so clear, honest and kind. I found the right address! And I recommend him if you are looking for a real surgeon and not a quack who just sells dreams.

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I recommend him completely

Doctor Vincent Masson is a simply exceptional surgeon, he knows how to listen to your expectations and understand them. Regarding the operation itself, he knows how to reassure his patients as well as explain the smooth running of the procedure. He is also very good at responding to the slightest post-operative fears. I had surgery two months ago for breast ptosis and liposuction and the results are exactly what I expected. I could never thank him enough for giving me my confidence back. I recommend him without hesitation and would go back again, that’s for sure. I also thank his secretary who is always kind and available to respond to any questions due to the operation or for making appointments for follow-up.

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Seeks your satisfaction

Doctor Masson is exceptional. A surgeon who, unlike many other Parisian surgeons, seeks to satisfy you before anything else, He helped me regain my confidence and I am very grateful to him. Congratulations on your new doctor’s office! Thanks for everything!

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Results better than I expected

Very good surgeon, the results obtained were better than I expected and look very natural. I highly recommend him.

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amazing results

Thank you Dr Masson for your great work. i had a breast implant which was causing me a lot of pain and the shape was completely wrong. i went to Dr Masson and i had a breast revision and new implant. He did a great job. Thank you again for the amazing results

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Very satisfied

Dr. Masson and his team demonstrate great professionalism. I was accompanied both before, during and after the operation. The result of the operation is beyond my expectations. I am very satisfied and recommend Doctor Masson.

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Always available

Dr. Masson and his secretary are exceptionally kind and attentive, always available if you have any questions or concerns both before and after the operation. I am more than satisfied with the end result which is far beyond my expectations and which has really changed my life. I had a very bad complex before but was afraid of operations, so I hesitated for a long time before finally taking the plunge. However, the day I entered Dr. Masson’s office all my doubts disappeared! I would do it again without hesitation and I highly recommend him!

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Thank you very much for my operation last June dr Masson I come from Australia and this is the best doctor I never see in my life seriously !!! I had a lift and breast implant and a liposuction so I’m very happy with the result and I come back next June again for something else haha I know it’s far but for results like that not a problem for me !!! Thanks for the lovely secretary see you soon !!

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Very serious follow-up

Excellent work. Very good at listening to wishes and concerns. Very serious, long-term post-operative follow-up. Very friendly by the way, as well as his secretary. I recommend him without hesitation.

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Breast ptosis

I recently had my breast ptosis corrected by doctor Vincent Masson and I simply want to thank him as warmly as possible. Barely a month later, I can see that the end result will be up to my expectations! Not only is Doctor Masson visibly extremely competent, but he is also very human and knows how to listen to the person in front of him and create the necessary amount of trust. I recommend him without hesitation!

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Very gifted

A surgeon who is very good at listening and who is honest, friendly and above all very gifted! All the other surgeons I saw said that my case was impossible but Doctor Masson was able to reassure me over the course of several appointments (free of charge and even on Saturdays!) And today I have the perfect result that I hoped for (and that others considered impossible) I REALLY recommend him!

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Very satisfied

After consulting two doctors for a breast augmentation in Paris, my husband and I came across Dr. Masson thanks to his “e-reputation”. The first contact was excellent. Very professional, he went over in depth all the aspects of the procedure: from anesthesia to the surgery, including the choice of prostheses. He fully understood my expectations and knew how to put me at ease, dispel doubts and remove any fears linked to the operation. At the end of this first appointment, it was clear to me that I had (finally!) found the right surgeon who was going to operate on me. A second meeting took place a few months later and was devoted to the choice of the size of the prostheses. Following which we set a date for the operation. The operation itself went very well and the post-operative follow-up also, which was as much due to the hospital staff of the Blomet clinic (15th arrondissement of Paris) as to the assistant of Dr. Masson who is very available and responsive when needed. I am very satisfied with the results and I will return again without hesitation. For all those who still hesitate and wish to take the plunge, I can only highly recommend Dr. Masson.

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The best cosmetic surgeon

Very satisfied with my surgery performed in mid-October, Dr. Masson is a listening, reassuring and very professional surgeon 😉. His secretary is very available and friendly. Thank you.

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Don’t hesitate!

I had a complete lipo operation on 24/11, Doctor Masson is really very talented! a magician !! I am delighted with the results !! He knew how to make me feel confident by his kindness and listening skills both before and after the operation, I recommend him without hesitation, go there without thinking about it !! A big thank you also to his assistant who accompanied me by phone for her kindness and vital support !!

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July 2015

I highly recommend Doctor Vincent Masson who is a super surgeon. He is very good at listening and inspiring confidence. Thanks to him I found my femininity again. I was operated on July 31, the result is perfect and I am delighted. I would go back to him again without hesitation.

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He is perfect

Difficult not to use superlatives when talking about Doctor Vincent Masson, because yes, he is exceptional: ultra-educational, he takes the time to explain all the ins and outs of the surgery, to understand your expectations AND take them into account. After a breast enlargement following two pregnancies which put a strain on my bust, I am very happy with the result. I believe I am even more happy however to have found this excellent surgeon who is both professional and human. A word also about his secretary who called me on a Sunday to find out how my return journey home went after surgery (how many do that ??!). Before, during, after: no complaints, everything was perfect.

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Beautiful office

Doctor Vincent Masson and his assistant are just wonderful with a really unrivaled availability. Its normal to be a bit stressed for this kind of operation given the amount of fat removed, but his professionalism and confidence immediately reassured me. I had a body liposuction on November 8 and I am already seeing the results. Thanks again to both of you ! P.S: special mention for the new office which is just magnificent!

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A doctor with magic fingers! An impeccable experience from start to finish and an exceptional result. Bravo !!!

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Tuberous breasts

Doctor Masson is the surgeon who operated on my tuberous breasts. The results couldn’t be better. He was very attentive and there was nothing to complain about, either for the operation or the post-operative follow-up. I highly recommend Doctor Masson and do not regret having chosen him.

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There will never be enough words to express my gratitude

There will never be enough words to express my gratitude.Dr. Masson, you are not only an incredibly gifted and skilled surgeon but an amazing artist as well! Thank you, Dr. Masson, for your professional, dedicated, caring nature and taking the time to listen and answer ALL my questions. I would also like to compliment your outstanding office staff! Madame Imene, is wonderful at what she does — making patients feel welcomed, comfortable, and respected. Not only she is kind, friendly, and helpful but efficient as well. I am gladly recommend Dr. Vincent Masson to anyone needing the services of a highly skilled plastic surgeon. This physician is seriously gifted.” 👍🏻

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Best cosmetic surgeon

Doctor Masson is very attentive and reassuring. The results were exactly what I was hoping for. I will definitely come back to him again for any future treatment, without a doubt.

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Always smiling

I am delighted with the result, thanks again to Dr. Masson and also to his assistant. Dr. Masson was always very attentive, smiling, and of an exemplary professionalism!

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I was operated on for a lipofilling of the buttocks in April 2017 after having been damaged by a beautician. I am delighted with the results, Dr. Masson managed to recover practically everything and the little that remained was filled with Macrolane. He is an excellent doctor who is very reassuring and good at listening. I recommend him. PS: his assistant was wonderful and very available, both before and after the operation. Thank you!

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A genius with a scalpel

Doctor Masson is a real genius with a scalpel! I have had two perfectly successful operations performed by him with top post-operative monitoring and, in addition, he is always very responsive. One of the best surgeons in Paris, if not the best!

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I recommend Doctor Masson

I recommend Doctor Vincent Masson without hesitation. I underwent lip lift surgery at the age of 23. It was an operation that I feared because, obviously, the result is final and inescapable in the event of failure, but in fact everything went wonderfully. The result is extremely natural and successful and the whole operation was carried out in a good atmosphere. A few months from now I will have surgery again for breast augmentation with the same surgeon.

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Exceptional work

Doctor Vincent Masson does an exceptional job in terms of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. He is attentive, reassuring, and always available. I knew I could trust him from my first appointment with him. I am completely satisfied with the results and the way my operation healed. I recommend him in every way possible.

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A great surgeon

Dr Masson is not only a great surgeon but also a great person. He makes you feel confortable and is very honest. He advises his patients very sincerely on what will look better on them to make sure the result stays natural. I live in Florida and decided to get my lip injection while staying in Paris for the holidays because the prices are way too overpriced in the US and I am so happy about the result. I was a little bit worried at first because I was afraid the result would be too obvious and fake, but he is extremely good at making it seem natural and discreet. I definitely recommend him!

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Breast augmentation

Dr Masson exceeded all my expectations 😍 the results couldn’t have been any more perfect!!! I’m so happy I did not choose any other surgeon over him. From first appointment to the operation to the post op checks, he’s been so professional, attentive, caring and reassuring. Thank you so much Dr Masson for your work, time, and care ❤️

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I came from New York

I came from New York to see Dr. Masson for a consultation because I wanted a second opinion before I had surgery. Doctor Masson is an extremely professional surgeon. He took the time to explain to me very clearly and precisely all the different stages of the operation while also mentioning the associated risks. In addition to being very attentive, he is also reassuring, available (he answers all his emails personally – I have never seen that with another doctor before!) and very friendly! I would recommend him without hesitation.

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Very good surgeon

A very good surgeon! I recommend him without hesitation. He was very pleasant and always available, which was also true of his secretary either by message or email.

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