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3D and 4D augmented virtual reality and breast cosmetic surgery

Dr. Masson’s cosmetic surgery office is the first in Paris to be equipped with 3D and 4D augmented reality technology via the EVE 4.0 breast augmentation simulator. A great novelty for the year 2020.

scanner 4D protheses mammaires
Discover the new 4D augmented reality technology for breast augmentation

What is augmented reality? To get a clearer understanding, watch the video below.

It is never easy to imagine the results of a breast augmentation plus it’s also common to hesitate between two different sizes of implants, augmented reality now makes it much easier for a patient to visualize the results of the operation upon her breasts.

Implants mammaires cicatrice sous mammaire dual plan profil modéré de 250 cc
Breast implants, scar under breast, dual plane, moderate profile of 250 cc.

During your consultation in the office, a painless 3D scan of the breasts is performed very easily in less than 3 minutes using a visual capturing device. A 3D image model of the breasts is thus obtained and projected onto a television screen. This model is very important for the surgeon because it automatically calculates the volume of each breast, volume distribution at the level of each quadrant, and automatically and safely takes all the other usual measurements as well (distance between the sternum and the areola, between the areola and submammary groove, etc.). This is of great technical help in choosing the breast prosthesis.

realite virtuelle 4D augmentation mammaire
S3D and 4D scanner for breast surgery to obtain the best possible natural results of a breast augmentation with prostheses.

The software is able, live and in real-time, to render in 3 dimensions the implant volume chosen during the fitting by the patient and the surgeon. The image is projected live onto a television screen and also in 4D onto the patient’s body in order to best visualize the results of the operation. It is as if you are looking at yourself in a mirror.

augmentation mammaire cicatrice sous mammaire dual plan 270 300 ml avant après dr vincent masson prothèses de profil modéré rondes cicatrice sous le sein, volume de 300 ml, bonnet C naturel
: Breast enlargement, scar under breast, dual plane, 270-300 ml, before and after. Dr. Vincent Masson, moderate profile prostheses, round scar under the breast, volume of 300 ml, natural C cup.

A mode is also available for ptosis correction and breast reduction where it is never easy for a patient to imagine what her future breasts will look like.

avant apres realite virtuelle
Example of visualization of before and after surgery and breast volume measurements in order to best correct preoperative asymmetries.

This technique is a real innovation because it simplifies the choice of implant, makes it easier to correct asymmetries, allows patients to visualize more clearly the results they can hope for and, also, to compare two different sizes of implants.

Implants mammaires avant après technique dual plan 300cc
Breast augmentation with breast prostheses. Dual plane technique to go naturally from an A to a C cup, 300 ml, scar under breast.

Click here for our information section on breast augmentation and our informative gallery of before and after photos.

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Dr Vincent Masson is a plastic surgeon with a post-graduate diploma in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery and a gold medal in surgery from the Paris Hospitals. He is a former senior registrar and attaché at the Hôpital Saint Louis.

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