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Clitoral surgery or clitoridoplasty

Clitoridoplastie de réduction pour hypertrophie du clitoris
Reduction clitoridoplasty for an enlarged clitoris

Clitoral enlargement (clitoridomegaly) can be due to tumor, endocrine, malformation or congenital origin. Extremely troubling in some cases (I have operated several patients where the clitoris measured more than 8 cm), a specialized surgical procedure can be considered, the postoperative effects of which are relatively straightforward and the results excellent.

The reconstruction of the clitoris can be envisaged in cases of genital mutilation (several million cases of which occur every year, most often due to cultural traditions). A wide variety of surgical techniques are available, depending on the nature and extent of the lesions observed.

I sometimes receive requests relating to clitoral hood reduction (also termed clitoral hoodectomy or clitoral unhooding) where the clitoris is too hidden or covered by the labia minora for aesthetic or functional reasons. Surgery is quite possible in most cases, but I have to warn patients that there is a risk of sensory problems (sensitivity) after clitoral surgery.

Often, an interesting alternative is to perform a plasty of the mucosa which simply covers the clitoris (a clitoral hoodplasty), akin to a nymphoplasty.