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Testicular lift or scrotal remodeling

Popularized since the public declaration by Georges Clooney, the testicle lift is a classic, but little publicized, rejuvenation procedure for men. With aging, the skin around the testicles (scrotum) relaxes and sags. Sometimes excess skin in the scrotum is present even early in adolescence. The principle of the operation is to tighten the scrotum in order to better draw the shape of the testicles and give a more harmonious appearance to the genitals. It is a cosmetic surgery treatment performed in Paris by Doctor Vincent Masson.

This operation is known under several different names: testicular lift, scrotal lift, scrotum lift, ball lift, scrotum reduction and scrotoplasty. These terms all mean the same thing.

Before the operation:

Two consultations with Dr. Masson are mandatory. You will be given an information sheet and a quote. The legal period between the first consultation and surgery is 15 days minimum (the reflection period). A preoperative assessment will be carried out and you must have a consultation with an anesthesiologist a few days before the procedure. Epilation of the scrotum is recommended one week before the operation.

The operation:

The anesthesia is either local with sedation or general. The duration of the operation is on average 45 minutes. A discharge from the hospital is authorized the same evening or the next morning. The principle is to remove excess skin from the scrotum using a spindle excision or a V-Y or Z-plasty in order to raise the testicles to their normal position and lift the scrotum.

After the operation:

Pain is moderate and calmed by the usual painkillers. The scrotum is swollen (edema) and blue (bruising) for 7 to 10 days which can cause a slight discomfort when walking (rubbing). A few days off work is desirable. In general, you will not be bothered too much when urinating. Wearing loose underwear is recommended for 10 days. The threads are absorbable, they fall out by themselves and there is no dressing to do. Showering is authorized the day after the operation. Sport and sexual activities are prohibited for 3 weeks. The result is final after 3 months. The scar is almost invisible after 3 months and placed on the middle raphe between the 2 testicles in the vertical direction. Your partner will not notice the scar. Erection of the penis is not changed at all.


As with all surgical procedures, there may be complications. In the case of the testicular lift, special mention should be made of hematoma and delayed healing. These complications are rare however.

Associated procedures:

The operation can be associated with a penoplasty to increase the size of the penis (lengthening and / or enlargement) by lipofilling (fat transfer).

What is the cost of a scrotum lift?

The cost of the operation is based on many pieces of information, a quote will be given to you after consultation with Doctor Vincent Masson. Prices begin from 5000 euros.

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