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Photos before and after male cosmetic surgery

Discover different examples of before/after photos on issues related to cosmetic surgery for men.

The photos illustrate before-and-after clinical cases of plastic and aesthetic surgery. The same patients are shown in the before-and-after photos, and no results have been altered using retouching software. The observed result is unique to each patient, and an identical result can hardly be expected for another person, due to each person’s own individuality. These results are published with permission, non-reproducible, unretouched and real. Photographs are essential to illustrate the medical information texts on this site and do not constitute advertising, but simply illustrate the articles. Blepharoplasty is one of the most common procedures performed on men’s faces.

Upper blepharoplasty involves removing excess skin from the upper eyelid under local anaesthetic, resulting in a drooping, tired look. The expression and look remain unchanged.

Inferior blepharoplasty is performed under general anesthesia and consists in removing the fatty bags under the eyes that form puffiness. There is generally no visible scar, as the excess fat is removed via the conjunctival route, i.e. through the inside of the eyelid. Double chins, caused by fat accumulation, are also often operated on. The usual treatment consists of liposuction to remove this fat. The limiting factor is the skin, which may remain in excess.

Facelifts are rarer in men, as they leave a visible scar in front of and behind the ears. In women, it is easier to camouflage this scar with hair. Liposuction of the stomach, love handles and chest (adipomastia) is also a frequent procedure. In some men, however, the fat is not located under the skin on the abdomen, but inside the abdominal cavity at the level of the omentum, making it impossible to remove. Similarly, some excess abdominal fat is due more to muscular distension than to excess fat. Lastly, in men, capillary implants are a common practice.

Today’s techniques make it possible to remove implants bulb by bulb, with far better results than with older techniques. Intimate surgery is also a classic area, notably the vestiary syndrome, a complex problem concerning the size of one’s sex. Techniques for lengthening and widening are described. Finally, Botox or botulinum toxin injections can be used to treat the vertical lion’s wrinkle between the eyebrows and soften the features of certain faces. These injections are resorbable in 4 to 6 months on average.


Dr Vincent Masson is a plastic surgeon with a post-graduate diploma in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery and a gold medal in surgery from the Paris Hospitals. He is a former senior registrar and attaché at the Hôpital Saint Louis.

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