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10 rue de la terrasse 75017 Paris

Dr Masson, expert in plastic surgery in Paris

Doctor Vincent Masson is a specialist in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery. After studying for six years at the Paris Faculty of Medicine, he was placed 25th out of more than 7000 candidates at the internship competition and appointed intern at the Public Hospitals of Paris, valedictorian in plastic surgery. During the five years of his internship, he was trained in the largest Parisian university hospital services in plastic surgery, both reconstructive and aesthetic (Saint-Louis Hospital, Henri-Mondor University Hospital, Trousseau Hospital, Saint-Antoine Hospital , Foch Hospital, La Pitié Salpêtrière University Hospital).

This joint training in reconstructive and cosmetic surgery, in both adults and children, earned him a Gold Medal in surgery and position as Head of Clinic at the famous and historic Department of plastic surgery of the Saint-Louis Hospital in Paris, the first plastic surgery department created in France.

After having worked full time for several years at the Saint-Louis Hospital in the service of Professor Jean Marie Servant and Professor Marc Revol, Doctor Vincent Masson moved towards a more mixed activity.

For a long time he remained a surgeon attached to the Saint-Louis Hospital in order to consult, operate, teach and practice plastic and reconstructive surgery (skin cancer, breast reconstruction, burn sequelae, accident sequelae, weight loss sequelae…).

Dr Vincent Masson Chirurgien esthétique Paris

Docteur Masson does not perform the surgical procedures or medical injections that proliferate on social networks for fashion reasons, such as canthopexy (except in the case of medical ectropion), “fox eyes”, unconsidered volume injections to the lips, “xxl” buttock or breast augmentations, liposuction without accompanying dietary hygiene, and so on. All plastic surgery procedures must have a therapeutic purpose: to reconstruct, to treat a complex, to cleverly combat the effects of time, and must never be carried out for reasons of fashion or to follow commercial trends. We would like to warn the younger generation about the extreme techniques visible on certain social networks and their consequences. Any medical procedure carries the risk of complications or side-effects, and its long-term effects need to be analyzed.

Doctor Vincent Masson has performed plastic surgery for over 10 years and offers consultations in his office at 10 rue de la terrace in the 17th district of Paris near the Parc Monceau. 

He performs all the latest cosmetic surgery techniques in the best Parisian clinics equipped with the most modern technical facilities. These clinics are classified A by the French National Authority for Health to ensure maximum safety and quality of care. Internationally recognized for his skills and expertise, Dr. Masson operates all of his patients himself and personally ensures their post-operative follow-up.

vincent masson chirurgien esthetique
Clinique Blomet chirurgie esthétique Paris

Blomet Clinic plastic surgery

Centre chirurgie esthétique

Dr Masson’s consultation room

Bureau assistante chirurgien esthétique

Imène’s office, assisting Dr Masson

Doctor Vincent Masson,plastic surgeon in Paris :

Dr. Masson’s office is the very first in Paris to be equipped with 3D/4D Eve 4.0 scanner technology.

When you come for a breast enlargement or reduction consultation you will be able to use augmented reality to discover how your new breasts will look.

locaux paris chirurgie esthetique
scanner 4D prothèses mammaires
Clinique Esthétique Eiffel

Eiffel Clinic

Clinique Esthétique Eiffel

Eiffel Clinic, plastic surgery

Clinique Esthétique Eiffel

Eiffel Clinic


Dr Vincent Masson is a plastic surgeon with a post-graduate diploma in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery and a gold medal in surgery from the Paris Hospitals. He is a former senior registrar and attaché at the Hôpital Saint Louis.

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