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The top cosmetic surgery treatments in Paris in 2020

pâques 2020

What are the best cosmetic surgery or cosmetic medicine treatments that will be talked about in Paris in 2020 and will be in the top 10 of the operations most requested by our patients? Here are the opinions of plastic surgeon Doctor Vincent Masson.

The dual plane technique for breast augmentation

Dual plane vs single plane, the dual plane technique will lead to very natural breast augmentation results in 2020. The scars left by the operation are getting smaller and smaller (3 to 4 cm on average), and are hidden under the breast. The breast implants are round, smooth, made of unbreakable cohesive silicone, and most often moderate profile in order to go from a B to a C cup, with an average volume of 300 ml. There is a thinner shell and less pain than before. Breast implants are no longer anatomically shaped like before but round and placed both in front of and behind the pectoral muscle. The usual price for this type of cosmetic surgery is 6000 euros, which includes the clinic and other costs.

Avant après augmentation mammaire par prothèses dr masson vincent dual plan cicatrice sous mammaire bonnet c 270 300 ml
Before and after photos of a breast augmentation by implants performed by Dr. Masson using the dual plane technique with the scar placed under the breast. C cup, 270-300 ml.

Composite breast augmentation

In breast surgery, a good option instead of the dual plane technique is to place a breast implant in front of the muscle if the skin is of good quality, the breast is dense, and the implant size is moderate (no more than 270, 300 ml ). The pain after the operation is very slight. In addition to this we carry out liposuction (normally of the sides or “love handles”) which has the benefit of reducing and refining the waistline whilst being able to inject the fat into the breast and camouflage the edges of the implant. This is called breast lipofilling (which can be done on its own without fitting a breast implant). The price is therefore higher because of the liposuction which is carried out during the operation.

The French Breast Lift

In the case of patients whose breasts are empty and drooping, it is possible to combine a breast ptosis treatment by skin lift with the placement of a breast implant of reasonable volume to both fill and raise the breast. This provides a natural result validated by the testimonies of the patients. The idea of T-scars can be scary so we use a laser in the operating room to try to reduce them as much as possible.

cure de ptose avec mastopexie cicatrices en T et implants mammaires dual plan selon technique du FBL French Breast Lift bonnet c
Ptosis treatment with mastopexy, T-shaped scars and dual plane breast implants according to the French breast lift technique, C cup.

The Brazilian Butt-Lift

The Brazilian butt-lift, also known as the Brazilian lift, BBL, or buttock lipofilling is a procedure for completely reshaping the buttocks by injecting autologous fat taken from liposuction, most often from the sides and thighs. Without surgery, we can perform either a Colombian facelift with a suction cup system or injections of hyaluronic acid (Hyacorp) but these techniques are temporary. Surgery always carries with it the risk of fat embolism so you have to master the lipofilling technique to perform this operation.

Upper Blepharoplasty

What is the best remedy for drooping eyelids? For a cosmetic surgeon the answer is undoubtedly the upper blepharoplasty because this operation is carried out under local anesthesia with a very simple and rapid postoperative recovery period (the swelling begins to disappear after 10 days) and a spectacular result on the eyes (without modifying them). Removing bags under the eyes is known as a lower blepharoplasty but this technique is more delicate and there is a risk of irregularities and ectropion. Contrary to what can sometimes be read, this operation is in practice never reimbursed by the social security system because it is considered to be for aesthetic purposes.

The Mini Face Lift

In the top 3 of cosmetic surgery treatments for the face it’s important to mention the mini facelift which is an outpatient operation to dramatically rejuvenate the face (without touching the neck). This operation can be performed from the age of 40. It is also known as an S-Lift or Soft Lift. The scars are camouflaged in front of the ear unlike with the classic face lift where the scars are also placed behind the ear because there is an additional lifting action on the neck.

mini lift

The Medical Face Lift

A big novelty is the medical face lift which combines mesotherapy (mesolift), hyaluronic acid (either volumizing or as a skin booster) and Botox. This medical “facelift” is therefore carried out in just a few minutes in the office using simple anti-aging and anti-wrinkle injections. Be careful not to massage the Botox so as not to make it move, you should, however, massage after injections of hyaluronic acid to avoid irregularities.

The HydraFacial

In Paris this treatment is becoming more and more popular. It is not expensive compared to other less effective treatments and creams and only rarely has any side effects. In my opinion it will become an essential treatment. It cleanses the skin, exfoliates it, and removes impurities. Lots of influencers on Instagram are now promoting this skin care procedure. It is an aesthetic treatment that smooths the face, uses a very light peel, extracts blackheads and moisturizes the skin. The price is reasonable compared to a cosmetic surgery operation.

Soft liposuction

Soft liposuction removes accumulations of fat (provided the skin is of good quality) under local anesthesia. It is a liposuction technique that is performed without general anesthesia because the amount of fat is more moderate. This is not a weight loss treatment but a way of refining the figure. There is no risk associated with general anesthesia and the pain after liposuction is less significant. This procedure is now performed more and more, especially on the abdomen.


Aesthetic nose surgery

As always rhinoplasty is a fashionable operation. The ultrasonic technique allows for better postoperative recovery and, above all, medical rhinoplasty avoids the need of surgery to correct certain nose defects and the pitfalls of failed rhinoplasty which are difficult to bear. Please note that this is a very specialized and delicate procedure and it is recommended to consult an experienced rhinoplasty expert who performs the treatment very regularly.


Dr Vincent Masson is a plastic surgeon with a post-graduate diploma in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery and a gold medal in surgery from the Paris Hospitals. He is a former senior registrar and attaché at the Hôpital Saint Louis.

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